Andrea Motis

Andrea Motis is Catalan young singer and multi-instrumentalist.
From the age of seven, Motis developed musically at the Municipal School of Music of Sant Andreu, a neighborhood of Barcelona, becoming the school's lead trumpeter and later saxophonist. In 2007, at twelve years of age, she began to collaborate with the Sant Andreu Jazz Band, led by teacher and musician Joan Chamorro.
In 2010, at the age of fifteen, she recorded an album of jazz standards, Joan Chamorro Presents Andrea Motis. Her albums include Live at Jamboree and Feeling Good (2014). She recorded Feeling Good with her mentor, Joan Chamorro, bassist and leader of the Sant Andreu Jazz Band. She made her major label debut with Emotional Dance (Impulse!, 2017).


Joan Chamorro presenta Andrea Motis (Temps, 2010)
Feeling Good with Joan Chamorro (Temps, 2012; Whaling City Sound, 2015)
Motis Chamorro Quintet Live at Jamboree (Swit, 2013)
Coses Que Es Diuen Però Que No Es Fan (DiscMedi, 2014)
Motis Chamorro Big Band Live (2014)
Live at Casa Fuster (2014)
Live at Palau de la Música (Jazz to Jazz, 2015)
He's Funny That Way (Impulse!, 2016)
Emotional Dance (Impulse!, 2017)
Concert de les Festes Majors d'Amposta 2018 amb Andrea Motis & Joan Chamorro Quartet (YouTube)
Do Outro Lado Do Azul (Verve, 2019)

Sant Andreu Jazz Band, Jazzing 1 (Temps, 2009)
Sant Andreu Jazz Band, Jazzing 2 (Temps, 2010)
Miles Tribute Big Band, Sketches of Catalonia (2011)
Marato de TV3 (2011)
Sant Andreu Jazz Band, Jazzing 3 (Temps, 2012)
Sant Andreu Jazz Band, Jazzing 4 Vol. 1 (Temps, 2014)
Sant Andreu Jazz Band, Jazzing 4 Vol. 2 (Temps, 2014)traditionnel d’ancêtres impulse 2017

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